Art is exploration. It builds on passion, knowledge and skills. Art Collecting requires a high attention to detail and a robust desire for inquiry. Art and Art Collecting are both dialogic processes involving past and present connoisseurship. I am eager to hear from you about your art interests and to discuss how to make the most of your collection. I have experience in curatorship, consulting and research in a broad range of media and periods. Look through my portfolio to see what I have done and contact me to start a conversation.


Get in touch if you want to manage, conserve and systematise a collection.


- archival services;

- catalogue management;

- conservation planning;

- art handling;

- gallery exhibitions;

- museum exhibitions;

- project management;

- concept development;

- live events.


I can help to start, develop and communicate a collection.


- art examination;

- collection planning;

- art selection;

- art commissions;

- artist lease;

- artist production assistance;

- public relations.


My academic training and research skills can help you to investigate your collection.


- art research;

- design cataloguing systems;

- artist research assistance;

- art and curatorial tutorials;

- tailored lectures and courses;

- write;

- presentation;

- audio/visual documentation.

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I am a Byzantine Art and Contemporary Art curator, consultant and historian. As a scholar, I have published and lectured on a range of topics, from photography in the History of Architecture, to twentieth-century American Performance Art in the United States, and on fourteenth/fifteenth-century artistic production in the city of Mystras in light of the dynastic and foreign policy of the late Byzantine Palaiologan court.


I have conducted research at the International Centre for Architectural Studies "Andrea Palladio" in Vicenza, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz. I have lectured in the Department for Design and the Arts at the Università IUAV of Venice, at the University of Birmingham, and at Christie's Education in London.


I collaborated as a curator with the Sensable City Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Biennale di Venezia and the University of Birmingham. More recently I have curated the Art on Film section of Italian Cinema London film festival and organised a Conference on the Arts of the Late Byzantine Palaiologan Era.


I received a Master in History of Architecture and a Master in Visual Arts at the Università IUAV of Venice, and a PhD in Theory and History of Art at the School for Advanced Studies Ca’ Foscari/IUAV in Venice. My interests in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries range from the contribution of photography in the History of Architecture to the development of Twentieth-Century American Performance Art. I also have a PhD from the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies - University of Birmingham – where I investigated the cross-cultural artistic production in Mystras in relation to the agency of the Italian and Frankish wives of the Byzantine despots of Morea.



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